Anyone coming to Galicia would be very happy if they love to eat and drink. Galician embrace an active outdoor lifestyle and during Carnivals everyone takes to the street to welcome Spring, have a good time and feast on succulent dishes, made with fresh products from the earth and ocean.

Galicia carnival tour, traditional food and wine in the company of welcoming local people


Carnival tour

Carnival is called “Entroido” in Galicia, which means the “introduction” to the spring and what better way to celebrate it than with a banquet! Sharing such a diverse culinary experience is an excuse to catch up and talk with friends and family! The “lacon con grelos” is Galicia´s most beloved comfort, hearty stew. It is made with ham, turnip tops, potatoes, chick peas and chorizo sausage.

Traditional food

This, of course can be washed down with any of the great wines from our region. We have 5 different certificates of origin, recognised for their excellent wine made from native white grapes such as Albariño, Treixadura, Loureiro, Torrontés, Doña Blanca and Godello and some red grapes such as Mencía, Sousón and Caíño Tinto.

Galician Food

Filloas, a type of pancake, are the typical carnival dessert. They are so versatile that they can be made out of either milk or the stew broth. We can have them as a side dish for the Lacon con grelos or sweet with sugar or cream.  Another Galician dessert is called “orellas”, carnival´s ears, made of flour, eggs, sugar and butter. They are crunchy and indulgent and have a delicious taste of lemon and anise.

Galician Liquors

A gathering in Galicia would be incomplete without the home made herbs and coffee liqueur, elixirs that awaken the senses and releases the spirit of joy. And if you want to add some more “cosiness” to an already warm and inviting atmosphere you can finish off the meal with the magical “Queimada” ritual.


Queimada is prepared with firewater mixed with coffee, sugar, lemon peel and coffee beans poured into a cauldron that is set alight. An incantation is recited by the spell caster while he ladles the burning liquid and pours it back into the flaming bowl. The enchanting flames dance until the alcohol has burned away, casting out the evil spirits of stress, cheering up the hearts, whispering wishes and drawing us together to work out our differences.

Carnival Party

After eating, the best way to enjoy the carnival is to stroll through the old town of any of the cities of Galicia, which are usually packed with bars and clustered with side tables and chairs. You are free to take part in the festivities or simply sit back, relax and while relaxing, watch people making fools of themselves, partying, dancing, singing, parodying, being exuberant and just enjoying themselves…

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