Magnificent panoramic tour around the coast. Feel the power of the sea against the strength and stillness of the lighthouse and castles. Regain a sense of quietness, safety, homecoming and balance in the middle of the chaos created by nature´s rawest form of strength.

When Julius Caesar visited A Coruña he understood the importance of its privileged location. The Tower of Hercules, inspired by the lighthouse of Alexandria, is the only working Roman lighthouse in the world as is still in use today to assist ships crossing the Atlantic corridor.

A Coruña began as a Celtic settlement and is referenced in the Irish Book of Conquests. The story tells that the chieftain Breogan, who founded the Celtic nation of Galicia, climbed the Tower of Hercules from which he glimpsed the South of Ireland. His descendants sailed there and became the Celtic ancestors of the current Irish people.

A Coruña has always been the scene of important historical events. The Spanish Armada set sail from there to the Netherlands and England, in 1588. One year later, the most popular Sea Dog of Elizabeth I, Francis Drake, besieged A Coruña for 2 weeks. He was repelled by María Pita, a woman who took her dead husband’s spear, killed the British flag bearer and rallied support among the few men left, the women and the children who found new strength and defended the city with greater power than expected.

This episode prompted the construction of Santa Cruz castle, 15 minutes drive from the Centre of A Coruña. Santa Cruz is a small beach, with a small island and a small castle. Like an impressionist painting come to life.

The British troops came back to A Coruña in 1809 lead by the Scottish Sir John Moore, to help the Spanish against the Napoleon´s troops. Moore was fatally injured and died, the battle was eventually lost and the French captured A Coruña. When the French left, the people of  A Coruña erected a grave in Moore´s honour in the peaceful garden of St. Carlos that overlooks the bay and the castle of San Anton.

This scenic tour will allow you to enjoy the local culture and walk through history, spectacular promenades, beautiful beaches of fine white sand, and stunning landscapes.


  • All excursions always take place during the day and are accompanied by one or two people acting as tour guide and driver, both of them are proficient in Portuguese, German, Spanish, French and English.
  • The type of car that most chauffeurs use has room for seven passengers, i.e. six guests + one guide.
  • We can leave 30 minutes after the arrival of his ship, or we pick you up at your hotel at the appointed time.
  • We spend the last 2 hours of the trip in less than a 3 km radius from the harbour, to guarantee to get you back to your ship on time.