Interactive tour map of Santiago de Compostela

Strolling through the cobbled streets and squares of Santiago, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985, will give you the feeling to be back in time, as most of the monuments date from the Middle Ages. Here you will witness a splendid and mystic past and a lively international present thanks to the many locals, students and high-spirited pilgrims and tourists that fill the streets. Santiago has a feeling of a ‘big village’, thanks to its size, the fact there are no cars circulating in the centre and the very friendly people you will meet. You will feel safe in this magical city!

You will find not only Romanesque and baroque churches, museums, elegant streets, majestic parks and some of the oldest University buildings but also many cosy cafes, traditional and contemporary restaurants and interesting shops. Santiago will not only give you a sense of bustling medieval town, it will also offer you a fiesta atmosphere with its unique musical tradition thanks to the opera singers, flute/guitar/violin-players, pipers, drummers, and of course, the TUNA, the group of students dressed in capes with colourful ribbons and emblems designating the history of their travels, playing traditional instruments and singing typical Spanish songs.

Wander around the ancient cobblestone streets and quaint back alleys, allow yourself a time to get delightfully lost in this ancient maze and enter in one of the many empty churches to absorb the magical atmosphere of Galicia. You will definitely fall in love with this Santiago de Compostela!

The first thing to do is go to the market then tour the old town’s streets and squares before entering the Cathedral. We recommend waiting to enter the Cathedral until 12 noon to attend the pilgrim mass and get the chance to see the botafumeiro censer in action. However, if you would like to avoid crowds the best hours to visit the Cathedral are before and after the pilgrim mass.

We have put together more things that you can probably see in a day without stressing, however this is just an indication of where the main sites are, hoping this will help you make your way around this amazing city and select the few things that are interesting to you.

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