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Galicia is considered the great unknown of the 7 Celtic nations which are formed by Ireland, Wales, Scotland, the Isle of Man, the French Brittany and Conualles. The affinity and interaction in between the Celtic nations can be heard within the sound of tambourines, drums and bagpipes.

Galicia is my motherland, a region in which nature has been very generous with its people, offering them tasty, varied and abundant food from luscious green lands and a majestic ocean. Galicia is the land of a thousand rivers, endless wild and unspoilt beaches of fine golden sand, varied landscapes fractured by fjords and estuaries, of Celtic hospitality, warmth of personality, generosity of spirit, and of course delicious and even divine food and wine from a region blessed by gods.

Vídeo: Música – Doa Galicia “Verdes Herbas” Imágenes: Paradores | Ruta por Galicia | minube – Noite no Mosteiro, monasterio de Caaveiro, A Capela

The Galician natural landscape melts together with a cultural landscape weaved into poems, tales, legends, myths, music and folklore. Maybe all these common links are the reason why the Galician people have an  ingrained sense of nostalgia for the homeland. Galicians have a sense of homecoming in green Celtic regions, with similar warm people, cultures, climate and landscapes along with the occasional sound of bagpipes.

Galicia is a world in itself, a global village. To paraphrase one of the region’s most beloved figures, Castelao, “Galicians don’t protest, they emigrate.” Everyone knows a Galician! Even if you go to the moon, you will find a Galician there.

Once you come to Galicia you will feel welcome and part of this magical soul, and of its natural and cultural landscapes.