ABOUT ME – Tours with locals

my name is Mila and with this website my aim is for you to discover, with the help of local tour guides, our birth place: luscious Galicia.

All my family is from Galicia, however my parents chose the path to emigration with the expectation to start a new, better life in Paris where I grew up. I was lucky to grow within 2 different cultures. Although Paris is a dream city my magical fantasy word was GALICIA, which when growing up was synonym of festive gatherings, abundance of food and pure relaxation in amazing natural landscapes.

I had the opportunity to do International Business with Italian in London and I ended up working in the City of London and living in this wonderful city for 12 years.  I will never forget these fruitful years because I met amazing people, I saw breath-taking places, and I lived experiences that have taught me many beautiful things about myself.

I came back to Spain, first to Catalunya, where me and my partner setup a wine exporting business, and then to Galicia. This is when I realised how lucky I am to live in Spain despite the deep crisis we are experiencing in this country. The quality of life is still high in Spain, maybe thanks to the outdoor lifestyle, traditional family values and the contact with nature which gives us plenty of affordable wonderful experiences.

If you ever come to Galicia, by sea, land or air, don´t hesitate to contact us (my network and me). We can help you figure out a route and to organise made-to-measure tours (whether you are a one-day stopover cruise or in a longer trip). We will make sure you feel welcome and perfectly at ease in this magical region.